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A little history...

Electrical Wiring Contractors Servicing Dutchess and Ulster County

Established 1960 




Since 1960, Bragg's Electrical Service Inc. has been providing comprehensive electrician and electrical contracting services for residential and commercial projects in the Dutchess, Ulster and Orange County areas. Their diverse experience, competitive pricing, skilled leadsmen and outstanding service distinguish Bragg's Electric as one of the top Hudson Valley Electrical companies. As a leader in the electrical industry, Bragg's Electric stays up-to-date on technology to provide efficient electrical solutions for today's complex power needs.

Our Story

Benjamin E. Bragg, Sr., a WWII Veteran, founded Bragg's Electrical Service on February 15, 1960 with his wife Rosalie Bragg. Together, a couple years later, they built Bragg's Electrical Service Inc. in 1964. With a four bay garage and five trucks, Bragg's Electric was the first building on Route 299. Ben Sr. focused on modern electric heat and insulation and also had the largest showroom of electric home heating equipment in the Hudson Valley. Although now well into retirement, Ben Sr. still acts as a great support system, routinely checks the mail and is responsible for setting off the alarm on occasion.

"Heat By Wire, Not By Fire"

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Ben Jr. and Dennis working as young men in the family business


Ben Jr. and Dennis working as young men in the family business

Benjamin A. Bragg, Jr and Dennis W. Bragg, sons of Ben Sr., both helped their father for many years as a young boys and therefore had a passion to pursue colleges for electrical degrees. Benjamin Jr. attended Hudon Valley Community College, in Troy, New York, and graduated with an Electrical Construction Maintenance Degree. And Dennis attended RPI, in Troy, New York, where he acquired an Electrical Engineer degree. Both brother's joined the family business, full time - Ben Jr. in 1969; and Dennis in 1974. Dennis is the electrical craftsman, of Bragg's Electric, who's finesse and skill leave all projects, he's responsible for, FLAWLESS. For instance, if a pipe calls for 3 straps, Dennis uses 6. His skill set and workmanship has enabled Bragg's Electric to be noted for it's impeccable electrical services over the years.

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Ben Jr. next to work truck

Bragg's Electrical Trucks in front of the new Bragg's Electric in the 1980's

Dennis working in the field

16 years later Ben Jr. became President of Bragg's Electric in 1985. Ben Jr. made a name for himself, not only as the president of his company, but by being a highly active member of fire department, town boards and Little League Association within the Town of Lloyd community. Over his 43 years of service, Ben Jr. has sat on the zoning and planning boards and more importantly, has obtained an array of positions from firefighter to Chief to Commissioner. He presently remains an active member of the fire department and continues to support the Highland Little League Association through team sponsorships and donating electrical services when the league is in need. Ben Jr. has been noted, in the family business, for diversifying the family business' services to accommodate larger electrical commercial jobs. Since 2012, Ben Jr. was happily pushed out the door, by his son Michael S. Bragg, to enjoy retirement fully. 

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In photos from top to bottom: Bragg's Electrical trucks in front of the "present day" Bragg's Electric building in the late 1990's, Michael Bragg next to work truck

An alumni of Hudson Valley Community College, in Troy, New York, Michael S. Bragg, son of Ben Jr, obtained his Electrical Construction Maintainers degree in 1996. Like his predecessors, he too, worked for Bragg's Electric as a young teen and gained necessary hands-on-experience. Mike has also made a mark for himself within the community as a sought-after coach by our Highland youth. Mike had dedicated a vast amount of hours in volunteer work as president and coach of the Highland Youth Football league from 2014 - 2018 and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Wether it's on a football field or a baseball field Mike is so passionate about coaching and helping children, like his own, become the best football or baseball player they can be. 

After taking over in 2012, Michael has proven his role and continues to lead the company forward in this ever changing world. Given the erratic weather over the years, Michael knew being an Authorized Generac Dealer wasn't enough for Bragg's Electric to service their clients fully in the 21st century. In 2010, Michael obtained his certification and is one of the few highly trained Generac Technician in the Hudson Valley. Providing a vast number of emergency stand-by and automatic power unit solutions, Bragg's Electric educates it's customers on the right type of generator suited for their specific residential or commercial needs. So, if you don't want to be "over sold," call Bragg's Electric for your FREE Generac consultation! Excellence must run in the family business because upon purchasing our home in 2006, Michael was very particular on who helped him upgrade our home. Everything needed to be completed to code and as close to perfection as possible. Well, this is exactly his same attitude on every job site he's responsible for. However, not only does he have an impeccable work ethic, but his great attitude and witty personality make for a pleasurable electrical experience. All in all, as the next 3rd generation president, Michael strives to elevate Bragg's Electric to the next level as a company!

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